2018 - Member of the Writer's Guild of Canada

2015 - 2016 Worked closely with legendary screenwriting guru Michael Hauge

2014 - Karl Iglesias Webinar - How to Write Sparkling Dialogue: Advanced Techniques

2005 - Honors B.A. English Literature and History, McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada



Creative World Awards 2017, "The Black Echo" / Finalist - Horror/Thriller IN PRODUCTION

Creative World Awards 2017, "On Target" / Finalist - Action/Adventure

Final Draft Big Break 2017, "On Target" / Top 5 Finalist

Austin Film Festival 2014, "The Last Dragon Master" / Second Rounder

Creative World Awards 2013, "E-mail" / Finalist - Horror/Thriller

FilmMaker's International Screenwriting Awards 2013, "The Black Grail" / Semi-Finalist

Hollywood Screenplay Contest 2013, "The Black Grail" / Finalist - Horror

Austin Film Festival 2013, "The Black Grail" / Second Rounder

Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting 2012, "The Black Grail" / Quarter Finalist

Action on Film Festival 2012, "The Black Grail" / Nominee Best Period Piece, Nominee Best New Writer, Nominee Best Action Sequence

Creative World Awards 2012, "The Black Grail" / Finalist - Horror/Thriller

Aliens to Zombie Film Festival 2012, "The Black Grail" / Official Finalist

Nevada Film Festival 2012, "The Black Grail" / Official Finalist

Las Vegas Film Festival 2012, "The Black Grail" / Official Finalist

Eddie Bauer Jr. Screenplay Competition 2012, "The Black Grail" / Top 5 Official Winner

Eddie Bauer Jr., "Casa Del Agua" / Writing Credit: Special Thanks

California Film Awards Screenplay Competition 2012, "The Black Grail" / 4th Place Finalist Screenplay Awards

Extreme Screenwriting Competition 2012, "The Black Grail" / Official Finalist

Shockfest Film Festival 2012, "The Black Grail" / Official Finalist